Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MTV World Stage 2012 live at Sunway Lagoon, Surf Beach

If you guys following my blog, definitely will notice I had quite some time didn't update it. Just to let you know what I'm busying in. Last Saturday, I spent my day at Sunway Lagoon, a place which I had abandoned long time ago. By the way, please don't think that I'm one of the children who go there for Justin Bieber. Definitely I'm NOT. I got my free ticket from my cousin, so I decided to go. Since is free, why not?

Can you see JB? Just how small he is...

Friday, May 4, 2012

People of Malaysia, we fight, we dare, we ask for justice

After rethink of what should I update my blog, finally this came to my mind.

"People of Malaysia, we fight, we dare, we ask for justice."

There was a rally at Malaysia which was just held last Saturday at 28 April 2012. Seriously, I feel proud of those people who joined the rally. As for myself, I can't join the event, because I'm such a coward. I scared of the tear gas which will makes my eyes sting, I scared of the acid water which will burn my skin, I scared of the police who attack people with their baton. Most of the people who went to the rally witness all of this cruelty. I feel sad when I opened my Facebook, and saw those posts from my friends who went for the rally. This is not right! How can they treat us like that? A police car just simply hit on civilians, and they claimed that this was caused by the stubbornness of the protesters. One hand clapping will not make the sound. You said that this is a peaceful rally, and will not attack any of the people if they behave well, but why you still fired tear gas at them? Aren't you just losing your humanity too?

For me, as a Malaysian, what I can do for my next generation is to to vote for the next election. Hopefully my vote will change the future of Malaysia.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bangkok Trip 26-29 February 2012

Bangkok is a paradise for shopping lovers, especially the cheap price which attract me the most. I had filter out a few photos from my trip.

DSC00931 DSC00763 DSC00755 DSC00840 DSC00909 DSC00734 DSC01052 DSC01125

Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Vision

Sometimes we forgot who we are, what we want, why we are here. Do you ever think if you are not here, where else can you go? Why we always think of money, we wanna earn more and have a great life, is that what we want? Just crave for a better life, and stick with it for eternity. At school, we were teach to be a successful worker, which is after graduate, we find a so called "good" job, and show our best performance in order to earn our salary. I'm just tired of that, I want a life which is just for me, without thinking of others, without a burden. Since I started to work 2 years ago, I didn't have a plan for myself, I just work for living, and also spend for living. This is a normal life for everyone, but to me, it is sucks. I spend almost half of my life doing nothing, I just follow the algorithm of living, which I don't feel happy at all. If I manage to get over 2012, I wish I can change my life, I want a life which is just for me.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Johnnie Walker, Keep on walking...

Attended Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Party last Saturday night at KL Live, it was fun. Sometimes we don't need to write much about it, just one word, one word can fully describe how i feel that night. I feel awesome. Thanks to Johnnie Walker of the unlimited Black Label and cocktails, and also the great performance. And thanks for giving me such a great experience.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit KL




Monday, November 14, 2011

You are the apple of my heart

We had our first love,  still remember the guy i like when i'm in my secondary school.  The feeling was so different,  which you can't find it anymore.  And my first love was on my form 2,  I met a guy which was the same age with me.  We used to watch movie together,  went to school together,  and have dinner together.  But we broke up after 3 months we started our relationship,  others think that we are not serious about it,  just like what they called "puppy love".  Everyone at my age was like playing games,  the longest relationship they can hold was just about 3 to 4 months.  But it was good to have such memory in our life,  the relationship we used to start without thinking any consequences,  and without taking any responsibilities.

I had watched this movie called  "You are the apple of my heart"  during the weekend,  it remind me about my childhood and my friends which i had leftover since graduated.  This movie was really touch my heart,  I highly recommended this!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant at Hulu Langat

We went to Ampang Lookout Point many times,  but did we notice there is a thai restaurant just below the hill?  This restaurant called Fish Farm Thai Restaurant,  located along the road to Hulu Langat,  and is quite secluded and hidden.  It's pretty dark when we driving in,  the road is very steep and bumpy,  just make sure you check your car brake system before you go there.  Overall my review for this restaurant is normal,  the food is normal,  the service is normal,  and I don't like the thai song they were playing the whole night.  But anyway,  I do enjoy the night out with my friends,  looking forward to try more new food next time.














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